Working at the kids workshop


Great that you are looking on our website for available jobs! The kids workshop is the nicest and biggest build-and-technic centrum of The Netherlands and because of that, it’s really busy. One of the most important conditions of success is the staff. If the staff is a good and close team, who are prepared to put in effort in the kids workshop, it will last for a long time.

What do we expect of you?

Experience and - depends on the job - a relevant education is important. But in a couple of cases it isn’t decisive. You need to have a couple of qualities to work at the kids workshop.

We aim to make the kids workshop important, but primarily in The Hague and surroundings.

Do you want to help achieve that goal, then you need to be friendly against guest. You also need to be a teamplayer. We ask staff to have a flexible attitude.

Working at the kids workshop means that you work on days and times that others are mostly free. So also in the weekend or during the holidays. Don’t have a problem with that? Then this job is possibly perfect for you.

de Kinderwerkplaats
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2511 BX Den Haag
070 406 93 93

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We don’t have any open jobs for cleaners at the moment

Allround worker

We don’t have any jobs for allround workers at the moment.


De kids workshop stands or falls with volunteers. Volunteers can be deployed in the kids workshop to keep the entrance fees for kids as low as possible. Working with volunteers at the kids workshop also helps volunteers to get out of a social isolation and increase their chances on the job market. Volunteers can get additional training from the kids workshop.

Do you want to increase our team? Send a mail to


The kids workshop is looking for trainees to increase our team. We are looking for trainees for wednesday, friday, saturday and sunday. The work exist of attending children parties, standing behind the cash register, cleaning and catering work. Our staff is service oriented, has a well-groomed appearance, are flexible in their ways, know of doing, speak good dutch and can handle stress well. In short, a challenging internship, interested? Apply now!