It's vacation again !!!!
This means that we are open more often.
from July 20, 2019 to September 1, 2019 we are
open Wednesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

PAY ATTENTION!!! We are closed on Saturday 3 through Thursday 8 August 2019 !!!!

de Kinderwerkplaats
Spui 216a
2511 BX Den Haag
070 406 93 93

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The things you can do at the kinderwerkplaats.

At the kinderwerkplaats boys and girls from the age of 4 can play, craft and do experiments. Fun comes first, you can work safely with real tools and almost everything that is made can be taken home.


The kids can choose from more than 20 different activities where they can learn and discover everything in a fun way. Most of the kids who come here, come back for a second visit. They never finish playing!


Just like in a theme park, a zoo or a museum, the kids are only allowed to come in with a parent or adult accompanist. You can come together with your child, but you may also come with brothers / sisters / friends. There is coffee and thea for you - as parent / accompanist - and you may also participate in the activities. Kids under the age of 4 have free access but are not allowed to take part in activities. There is a big box with blocks for them to play with.


The kids workshop is the ideal place for a children’s party, a group outing or a school activity. Every kid always finds something that he/she likes, so no disappointed or sad faces!

Build a dike

Do you know somebody who lives near the sea? Or a river? Maybe your own house is near a pond or a lake? That water must not reach the houses and to prevent that dikes are built. Try and see if you can make a dike in the water tank.

Making and testing a speedboat

Cut your own speedboat out of styrofoam with the help of a machine, hurry to the water test course. How fast is your speedboat?


Does this happened to you too? You built an amazing lego house but you don’t fit in it yourself!! Lucky for you, because we have mega lego blocks, so you can make a house where you fit in.

Making your own street

You are going to make your own street, with real street tiles. You’ll discover how to do this in the best way possible because you can immediately see if your tiles are plane and lie straight.

tip kiss and ride

You can drop your children at the door and then park your car in one of the nearby parking garages.

Cola explosion

At the kids workshop you can make a gigantic cola fountain and you don’t have to be afraid that it will be a sticky mess. (€5,-)


Changing tires

Have you ever been in a car with a flat tire? And did your father or mother change the tire or did you have to wait for roadside assistance? Maybe next time, you can change the flat tire. You can practice this in the kids workshop.

Racing and bumping

You are going to build your own styrofoam race car with a balloon as motor. If the car is finished you can put in on the test circuit and try it out. Ready? Set! GOOO!

Sand wizard

Sand, light and magic. You scatter, sweep and slide with hand and sand on a light container.

And now you create all kinds of realistic animals or forms.

Building a bridge

Can you build a bridge? Do you dare to walk over your own bridge?

Chalk wall

You can draw your ideas or projects on our chalk wall.

Race track

put a wooden car together and see if yours is the fastest !!


We work with scholars from special education.

Launching a rocket to the roof

Do you want to be an astronaut in the future and see a comet from close-up or maybe even visit a planet far away? Then you obviously need a good rocket that goes fast enough. How does a rocket work? You’ll find out yourself during this experiment. Is your self-made rocket ready? Then hurry to the launch pad: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, ZERO….

Making a dice

Sanding, cutting, you have to do it all to transform a block of wood into your own dice. Do you know the secret of the dice?

Making buttons

Have you ever wanted to make your own button? Design, cut and press your own unique button.

Making a sailboat and trying it out

Cut a sailboat out of styrofoam with the help of a machine and place a mast with a sail on it. Here comes the exciting part: Will the boat sail?

Make an earthquake

First you build a tower or a building with blocks, then you turn the switch to a light or heavy earthquake. Does your construction survive the earthquake?

Hitting a nail

Can you hit a nail in a block of wood really fast? Challenge others to a competition and see who’s the fastest.

The harmonograph

Have you ever made a drawing with a harmonograph?


A special playground for kids under the age of 4.

Launching a helicopter

Can you make a helicopter from paper? At the kinderwerkplaats this is possible and you can even launch it!!

Laser path

It looks just like magic, but the laser path is real science! Put the mirrors in the correct order on the field, lead the laser through a series of challenging mazes. Prepare yourself for a mental training and choose your mission. The goal is to have your laser touch the finish.

Splatter painting

Have you ever wondered what would happened if you put paint and paper in a dryer? If you would do that at home, your parents wouldn’t be that happy. Lucky for you the kids workshop has a machine which can make a spin painting. You can take the painting home and hang it on your wall, or maybe give it as a gift to your grandparents?

Paint room

In the paint room you can give everything you have made a nice color or you can make a nice painting. Afraid that your clothes will become dirty? No need for that! There are jackets hanging in the paint room to prevent your clothes from getting dirty.

The dress-up corner

Building is huge fun, but it’s even more fun when you look like a builder!

Marble path

At the kids workshop, you can create an enormous marble path.


Getting tired from all that building? Relax for a moment in our time-out corner!