How does it work?

After coming in, every kid will get a toolbox with the materials needed for the activities. After a short explanation the kids can immediately start playing and decide what they want to do.

There is a dressing-box with work clothes, lab coats and helmets.


Hint: take a camera with you.


There isn’t any correct sequence, the children are free to choose and they can decide how long they want to do something themselves. Do experiments and paint the whole day? Or switch activities every minute? Alone or together with other kids? Invent something and craft it, everything is possible, freedom happiness!


We don’t lunch or dine here. We call it ! A hotdog with double lemonade? Halal is also possible, just let us know before coming.


The attendants are always a point of contact for things like visiting the toilet, loose laces, etc.

We are always ready to help with technical problems.


Parents/accompanies can participate in the activities too, but they can’t hinder the children, it is a workshop for kids. Creations can be taken home, so it may be smart to bring a bag.