At the location

We offer the opportunity to make a special arrangement in consultation, for elementary schools and special education, wide neighborhood schools (Brede Buurtscholen) and BSO’s. We use special prices for this.

We also offer to do projects at our location, in consultation. We can, for example, help groups of kids to make decors for a play, and for themes within schools we can also offer a solution.

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At the location

The mechanism box

The mechanism box is an option to challenge a group of (max. 30) kids in the technical field, without coming to the kids workshop or having special accompaniment.

The lessonbox gets delivered to a location, containing material and instructions to help a teacher recreate certain activities from the kids workshop into his classroom


The kids workshop also offers to customize. In consultation with the school, the kids workshop will help with big projects, like giving the gardens around the school a new look, or making decorpieces voor a musical. Kids will feel involved with this, so their responsibility feeling increases and the feeling of ‘our school’ grows.

Magazine Spikey

Spikey is a magazine (each quarter of the year) specialized for schools that want to combine reading and technical education. In the senior years of school there is little time for creative subjects and technic. This magazine exist of experiments, interesting facts, stories and the comic of Professor Bob, in which technic is the center of attention.

Because this magazine is made in an attractive way and with practical assignments, both sides develop without losing lots of free time.


Coming to visit a part of the day is great, but you can also start a project about topics from school. This project can be done with a group of maximum 10 kids. This also includes projects from above named organisations. For example, making birdhouses in the spring.

The process of designing and finishing it will be done in company of one of our workers.

The tools needed will be delivered with the magazine.


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