Possibilities for schools

The kids workshop has been set up to get kids familiar with technic in a fun way. Besides that, we try to help develop the motoric and cognitive skills of kids.


The activities and experiments are developed in a way that kids can easily learn in a fun way. What is learned about technic also stimulates the creativity: When the kids are able to make a boat or car from styrofoam, they think of new things they can create. For teacher it’s a fun and inspiring experience too.


We also offer extra projects to schools.

You can freely contact us for more information. Do you have specific wishes? In almost all cases we can do customization. You can call us on 070-406 93 96. Somites we have around 80 children inside, so there may be no one available. We ask for understanding and patience. You can also mail us at: info@dekinderwerkplaats.nl or use our contactform. We will answer you as soon as possible and, if wanted, call you. Don’t forget to leave your number.


The prices for school are here.