Children's party

Celebrate your birthday at the kinderwerkplaats!

The kinderwerkplaats is an amazing place to have your birthday party.


After coming in, the kids can sit down in the feastly lunchroom where they get lemonade and some sweets. You can bring your own birthday cake, but you have to bring your own tableware. The birthday boy/girl can sit on a special chair. You have some time to give gifts now.


A children’s party takes 2,5 hours and besides the lemonade and sweets at the beginning, the kids can also have some lemonade and a hotdog. The hotdog can also be halal, but you have to notify us beforehand.

How it goes besides this is explained here.


3 adults have free access and free coffee.

The prices for parties are noted here.

Cola explosion

At the kinderwerkplaats you can make a gigantic cola fountain and you don’t have to be afraid that it will be a sticky mess. (€5,-)

Extra: Ice Cream/candy/chips

Some extra ice cream, candy or chips during the party, available starting from €1,- p.p.

Extra: making popcorn

For only €1,- p.p.

Make your party complete!